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Query API - Early Access Program

The Query API allows the execution of Cypher statements against a Neo4j server through HTTP requests. This capability was released with Neo4j. 5.19 and is on the way to being available in Aura. An important waypoint on that journey is the Early Access Program where we open the Query API to a limited audience for feedback and external validation. Information on the Query API is available in the documentation here:- Query API
If you'd like to take part in the Early Access Program for the Query API on Aura, then please complete this form - Query API EAP Sign Up
You will be asked for the Aura instance's connection URI that you intend to use with the Query API. To find this, log into the Aura Console and select the desired Aura instance. The Connection URI is shown at the top of the screen as highlighted in red in the example screenshot below.
If you want to find out more about taking part, please get in touch with myself or Greg
Jonathan Giffard, PM ,
Greg Woods, Eng,