Bloom 2.0.0 is now available in AuraDB Self-Serve
Hi everyone, we have just released Bloom 2.0.0 in Aura,
While saving and sharing scenes is not available in AuraDB Self-Serve due to the absence of Bloom Plugin, please enjoy the following improvements.
  • Improved editing (esp wrt to constraints)
  • Support for deleting nodes and relationships
  • Histograms for style rules and filters
  • Improved layout of smaller graphs
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
As always, full changelog can be found in the public github repository:
Thanks, AuraDB Product Team
AuraDB now running the latest version of Neo4j 4.4
We’re pleased to let you know that AuraDB Free and Professional are now running on the latest version of Neo4j 4.4
For updates on Neo4j’s resolution of Log4j CVE-2021-44228, please see details here: https://neo4j.com/security/log4j/
Aura Product Team
Improved Experience when deleting
Hello folks,
We received feedback that users would like a little more specificity when deleting databases to ensure they didn't accidentally delete a database they needed.
As of now, when you go to delete a database you will need to type the name of the database you are deleting, before you can do so.
Screenshot 2021-11-10 at 14
The ability to Delete a database can be found in the settings tab of any of your databases.
The Aura Team
Bloom 1.9.0 now available in Aura
Hi everyone, we have just released Bloom 1.9.0
This is a minor release of Bloom with these new features:
  • Node tooltips for faster at-a-glance information by hovering a node
  • Card list usability improvements
  • New product analytics section in the settings sidebar drawer with more granular settings
  • Reveal relationships: New context menu option to bring in additional relationships between the selected nodes
Other notable changes:
  • Fixed web browser out of memory problems when having lots of nodes on the canvas
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
As always, full changelog can be found in the public github repository:
AuraDB Free to AuraDB Professional
Hello there,
As your AuraDB Free graph grows, you may find yourself needing more nodes and relationships.
Getting your graph from an AuraDB Free database and into a new AuraDB Professional paid database where there are no limits on the number of nodes and relationships, can be achieved in the following way.
First go to the "SNAPSHOTS" tab for your AuraDB Free database, and take an on-demand snapshot.
Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 10
Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 11
Once the snapshot is available, within the options for that snapshot select "+ Create database from snapshot".
Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 11
This will take you through a flow to create a new paid AuraDB Professional database, populated with the graph from your AuraDB Free database Snapshot, asking for payment details should you not already have entered them.
AuraDB Professional databases are charged to the payment details you provide for every hour they are up and running in a month, in arrears, on the first day of every month.
Note "Take Snapshot" is also the way you can get your data out of an AuraDB Free database, by selecting the "Export" option for your Snapshot.
Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 11
Clone from an existing AuraDB Professional instance!
Hello there, we have some great news!
You can now clone from one AuraDB Professional database to a new AuraDB Professional database.
  • You can only clone to a new latest Neo4j 4 AuraDB database.
  • You can clone from a Neo4j 3 to a Neo4j 4 new database, smoothing out your migration path.
  • You can clone to a new database in a different global region.
  • Your destination database must be the same size or bigger than your source database.
I'll personally be in touch with those running a Neo4j 3 instance as we look to deprecate Neo4j 3 from the platform in the coming months.
If you are interested in the ability to clone from one database to an existing (not new) database, please up vote : https://neo4j-aura.canny.io/feature-requests/p/clone-one-instance-to-an-existing-instance
To get to the clone button currently, head to the "Settings" for your Database and click "Clone".
Please let us know your feedback as you start to use the feature.
Neo4j 4.3 features now available in Aura
We’re pleased let you know that more features from 4.3 are now available in Aura, these include:
  • Relationship and Relationship Property Indexes
  • Support for 4.3 Datastore
  • New command line syntax for full text search
Bloom 1.7.0 now available in Aura!
Hi everyone, we have just released Bloom 1.7.0
New features:
  • Auto perspective: Upon first connection to a database, Bloom will auto-generate a perspective and show the user directly into the scene
  • Optimisations to the visualisation component
  • Improved card list component with new search capability
  • Made it possible to reorder categories in the perspective
  • Usability improvements and auto save feature added to the search phrase drawer
  • Fix timeout issue on sandbox/aura
  • Expand leads to unconnected nodes in some cases
As always, full changelog can be found in the public github repository: https://github.com/neo4j-devtools/neo4j-bloom/wiki/Changelog
Bloom 1.6.1 now Available in Aura!
Bloom 1.6.1 was just released!
The new features are:
  • Filtering data: Filter out categories or relationship types or apply filters based on property values. Makes it easy for the user to focus the search results, apply different filters on the results or dismiss unwanted data.
  • New "between" condition for style rules based on numeric data
  • New setting to control the session timeout duration when user is inactive
For full changelog, as always look in the public github repo: https://github.com/neo4j-devtools/neo4j-bloom/wiki/Changelog
Updating our T&Cs Acceptance experience
Hello everyone,
We are updating the way that our users accept the Terms and Condition of the service.
As such you will notice that you will be asked to re-accept the Terms and Conditions on login a couple of times in the coming months.
We are not changing the content within our Terms and Conditions, but always suggest you review them at a regular intervals.
We will always make sure that any changes in the content of our Terms and Conditions are presented to you when necessary for your review and acceptance.
Neo4j Aura team
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