Neo4j Ops Manager v1.0 available
Ops Manager
Hello all,
We are pleased to announce the release of Neo4j Ops Manager version 1.0.0!
This version is available to download for Enterprise Edition self-managed customers from the download page here.
It is available for Linux tar installations and Windows zip installations running Neo4j Enterprise Edition 4.4 or later.
With this version you can
  • See the status of all your DBMSs in one place with the
    Home Page
  • Monitor and manage single instance and cluster DBMSs
  • Get
    when DBMS, instance or agent is down
  • See the topology view in
    Status Panel
    of DBMS, instances and databases, including leadership
  • See charts of metric history for host, instance and databases with the
  • Manage your Role-Based Access Control with
    Security Manager
  • Preview: View available updates and support dates with
    Upgrade Manager
We hope you enjoy our initial release, and look forward to hearing your feedback.
Team Ops-Manager.
Neo4j v3 will reach the end of life (EOL) May 27th 2022
Advanced Warning Aura Platform
AuraDB Professional
Hello there,
Some of our longest running customers in AuraDB Professional are sill running Neo4j v3 instances.
This message is for you.
From May 27th onwards:
  • You will no longer be able to create any new Neo4j v3 instances in AuraDB.
  • Neo4j Support will be limited in the assistance they are able to provide for AuraDB Neo4j v3 instances
  • No further updates for bugs or security vulnerabilities will be issued for Neo4j v3
Recommended Actions
  • We strongly recommend you migrate to v4 using the 4 step process: Planning, Preparation, Testing and Validation. These steps are detailed at:
  • You can "Clone" your data from the v3 database via the Aura Console to a new v4 database, which you can then test against
  • Details of how to clone your v3 database to v4 in Aura as well as Neo4j database features and capabilities that have changed between v3 and v4 are available at:
If you have any questions or require additional information please don’t hesitate to reach out to support.
Aura Team
Bloom 2.2.0 available in Aura!
AuraDB Professional
AuraDB Free
Hello all,
We're happy to let you know that Bloom 2.2.0 is now available in Aura.
The latest release of Bloom includes a new way to customize graph interactions, Scene Actions, as well as improvements to applying captions to nodes and relationships.
Captions can now be customized via the 'Text' tab of the styling window in the legend panel.
We look forward to hearing your feedback.
Aura Team
Pause for your AuraDB Professional instances!
AuraDB Professional
We're pleased to let you know that you can now pause any AuraDB Professional instances when you are not actively using them.
Paused instances will be charged at 20% of the running cost.
We'll auto resume instances that have been paused for 30 days, to ensure we update them to the latest and greatest Neo4j database version.
At which point you'll be charged the running cost, but you can pause them again if you want.
You'll find the pause button on the main database card.
Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 16
This feature facilitates cost management, you can pause database instances you only need for demos, development or that you only need running during working hours.
As always, we're keen to hear your feedback, so let us know how you get on.
The Aura Team
New UX in Aura Console!
We have made some changes to the Console UI, from today you will see the following changes:
  • Improved Database Overview Tile layout for larger screens
  • Clickable Database Overview Tile to open the details page
  • Operational buttons (Pause, Delete) moved to Database (Overview) Tile, with ellipses menu link to Rename, Resize, Clone. These are also present at the top of the details page too
  • Bloom renamed to Explore & Browser renamed to Query (as per NX directive)
  • Removal of Settings tab, as all the operational functions are now in the Database Overview Tile and the Database Details page
  • Some elements from the DB Overview tile have moved to the details page, region, cloud provider, connection URL
We hope you enjoy the new UX but we'd love to hear your feedback, please let us know your thoughts.
Aura Product Team
Bloom 2.1.1 available in Aura!
AuraDB Enterprise
AuraDB Professional
AuraDB Free
AuraDS Self-Start
We recently released Bloom 2.1.1 in Aura
The following new features are included starting from Bloom 2.1.0:
Improved support for editing values with time offsets
Filtering & rule-based styling on values with time zones, including the ability to translate various on-scene timezones to a specified offset
A fix for a bug that currently causes size-based rule-based styling rules to invert large and small node sizes
Other bug fixes and improvements
As always the full changelog can be found in the public github repository:
Don't miss the GraphAcademy!
AuraDB Professional
AuraDB Free
Hello folks,
We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know about the link to the GraphAcademy, where you can get access to free self paced learning.
You'll find them within the Reference section of the Connect pages for each programming language.
Here's an image highlighting the links in the Python Connect page.
Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 16
Happy learning!!
Aura Team
Neo4j Browser 4.4.3 now Available!
AuraDB Professional
AuraDB Free
Browser 4.4.3 features a whole host of small improvements and fixes as well as:
* New zoom controls and interactions
* Updated visualisation library
* Assistance with specifying parameters
To learn more, head over to https://neo4j-browser.canny.io/changelog
Neo4j Data-Importer now available!!
AuraDB Professional
AuraDB Free
Data Importer
We're pleased to announce the launch of Neo4j Data Importer, a new no-code tool for loading data into your database.
image (21)
Simply provide your flat files, sketch out your desired graph model, map your data to it and you’re ready to load.
Watch the tutorial video to get a quick overview and run through an example.
When you’re ready to try it yourself, simply launch data importer from your instance’s “Open with” menu and start trying it with your own data.
Don’t forget to have your instance credentials handy, you’ll need them to run the load.
Leave us any feedback you may have over on data importer’s feedback site.
CleanShot 2022-02-23 at 17
Maintenance Notice : Bloom in Aura : 5th Feb 9am - 1pm GMT
Maintenance Notice
Hello there,
We will be carrying out an upgrade to infrastructure that delivers Bloom in Aura on Saturday the 5th of February 2022 between 9am and 1pm GMT.
During this window you will not be able to access Bloom via the "Open with" button, there is no impact to the database or Browser.
If after the work is complete you notice any issues when connecting to a database with Bloom, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Aura Team
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