We are pleased to announce the general availability of
Customer Metric Integration
for Aura Enterprise customers. It is accessed from the Operations section of the sidebar using the Metric Integration item.
CMI Endpoints
Customer Metric Integration takes the content of Aura Advanced Metrics and allows you to integrate this data into your observability platform of choice using a secured Prometheus endpoint. Once the data is integrated in your own system, this can be used to generate alerts and notifications, if desired, over the managed Aura instance(s). The endpoints provided are per instance, or for the whole tenant.
An overview of the setup tasks is as follows:-
CMI Setup
Once a user has been set up with the metric integration role and has a valid API key, your observability platform of choice can be securely configured to access the endpoint(s) and collect the metrics data on a periodic basis.
The recommended collection interval for metrics is in the range of 30 seconds up to 2 minutes, depending on requirements. The metrics endpoint caches metrics for 30 seconds and polling more frequently than this will not retrieve different data.
Full setup and reference documentation is provided from the console page.
Next steps and charges
Aura Database and Analytics services are business critical for our users. We have requests to introduce more capabilities enabling access to logs and metrics to derive actionable insights using your choice of monitoring platform.
We have a strong roadmap of observability sharing features including metrics, security logs, query logs and other capabilities. Many of the associated logs can be of significant size hence we will introduce in the future a new consumption based billing model including cloud egress costs.
We believe observability is of paramount importance hence we have decided to make
Customer Metric Integration
available for you initially at no extra charge.
Aura and Ops Manager product teams.