I loaded 419 nodes, with 338 relationships.
When I go to Explore in Workspace, there are 117 nodes displayed with 100 relationships.
No explanation as to why only this subset shows, and no clear option to see the rest.
Even looking at the "Nodes" righthand panel with the "in scene" and "off scene" I can't see the rest of my nodes. The "off scene" option shows an empty list. Similar result on the "relations" tab.
I figured eventually that upon right clicking on a node you can "expand" if it has other connections. So I deduce that if I select All my nodes (command A), I can expand....rightfully so, expect that I end up with 244 nodes and 227 relations.
Still way off from my original numbers, and I can't expand any further, and I have no way of knowing where are the remaining nodes and relations.
Extremely confusing.