This request is to support the deployment of Kubernetes ingresses to communicate with ops manager instead of forcing use of external load balancers.
As a user, I would like to be able to hit ops manager at a url like:
I would like Neo4J Clusters (during self registration) to be able to communicate with the NOM GRPC server api at an endpoint:
The request to use ingresses over external layer 4 network load balancers at heart is related to decreasing cost.
An ingress controller, is backed by an external layer 4 network load balancer (Kubernetes service of type LoadBalancer), that forwards traffic to the layer 7 ingress controller - this is much more cost effective in serving traffic for several hostnames, services and paths.
I request that the TLS termination also be configurable, so that a user can handle TLS termination with a solution like Cert Manager at the Ingress layer to support automatic certificate issuance and renewals, which is not currently offered in Neo4J Ops Manager.
  • JupiterOne